As identity theft continues to rise — affecting 17 million Americans in just 12 months, according to the US DOJ Bureau of Justice Statistics’ latest report — having a secure online connection both at home and on mobile devices has become increasingly important. is tackling our privacy problems. 

The startup successfully launched its Android app in June.‘s app extended the startup’s established web platform that not only focuses on providing maximum security, privacy, anonymity, but also on allowing users to freely access popular sites restricted by certain countries around the world.

Software security expert Leon Juranic, a world-renowned security expert, researched VPN and concluded that it is indeed completely log free. “We can certify that does not observe, record, store or log any of their users’ data and neither does it store it’s users’ IP addresses. On the basis of a detailed audit of we came to a conclusion that they have an absolutely zero log policy,” said DefenseCode Founder & CEO Leon Juranic.

The certification reinforces the high level of privacy offered by’s web-based service — which already supports all platforms including iOS, windows, Mac OS, Blackberry, Android and Linux — against cyber threats like online fraud and identity theft. The company’s recent release of the Android app means that it is now even easier for the world’s largest smartphone market to access the highest level of digital privacy and anonymity.

“It is critical for people around the world to know whether their VPN service stores their logs and sensitive information. Although many VPN providers around the world assure that they do not, we are the only service that has been audited by a completely independent, world-renowned security company,” explained eVenture Head Of Marketing Mohsin Ali Khan.’s 85 handpicked servers — located in 23 countries across the world — support a broad range of protocols, including IKEv1, IKEv2, PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, SSTP and Softether. By having strategic locations and high quality servers, users are able to experience fast speed, no matter where they are, and free of charge.