Travel Startups Incubator has announced a $25,000 investment in Jolie, an on-demand chauffeur platform that will roll out beta services in New York City in Winter 2015. Unlike Uber, Jolie is targeted towards a discerning, more affluent urban customer base, yet is not more expensive.

Jolie is an online chauffeur platform that connects busy travelers to luxury transportation and lifestyle services. The startup combines the convenience of on-demand attention with an intuitive mobile app that allows travelers to leverage a comprehensive network of professional chauffeurs.

The platform benefits both chauffeur ground service providers and travelers with a customizable user experience. The client-centered approach lets travelers stay in control by allowing them to set how much they want to pay for the service. Travelers can also make any number of special requests, for example, if they want a snack, a meet and greet at the airport, or even their favorite chauffeur, they can be sure their needs will be met. Furthermore, chauffeur service providers are able to organize their schedules and accept or reject incoming chauffeur requests without incurring penalties.

“What’s unique and different about Jolie is that they are building technology and tools for professional chauffeurs to be able to compete against the Uber’s & Lyft’s of the world while launching a high-end consumer mobile app,” said Matt Zito, Managing Partner, Travel Startups Incubator. “Ground transportation is the hottest vertical for investment in the travel industry in the last 2 years and this is our second investment in the category. We believe there is still more room in the market.”

We are tapping into the new on-demand transportation and lifestyle services markets,” said CEO and Jolie Co-founder Tricia Miranda. “With Jolie, we aim to bridge the gap in travel between the planning of transportation and lifestyle services. Clients can rely on our app to indulge in a luxurious experience when they travel in their home city or while traveling further afield.

“Jolie puts both the client and the ground transportation service provider in control. Service providers are able to maintain their brand and identity, and all providers on the platform are thoroughly vetted, giving the startup a network of trusted Chauffeurs,” added Mrs. Miranda.  

“We saw a winning combination of talent and experience in husband and wife team Jolie CEO Tricia Miranda and COO Edwin Miranda, who are working alongside highly experienced Co-founder and CTO Jon Lederman,” said Nicole Zito, Managing Partner of the incubator.”

Mr. Miranda brings 4 years of transport industry experience to table, which gels with Mrs. Miranda’s deep understanding of the technology industry. The founders have risked everything to dedicate their time to the new venture.

We realized that Jolie would make a really exciting company for both clients and service providers when we quickly gained traction through providing unique transportation services. It didn’t take long for hundreds of Chauffeurs to apply to work under our platform,” added Mrs. Miranda.