The startup mentality is one that emphasizes constant development and evolution, and as such, every startup founder should take the steps necessary to foster such a mindset among the company’s employees as well. Leadership development should be an integral aspect of every company’s, and as your startup begins to scale, its critical to have employees that are ready to accept the responsibility of managerial positions. While the day to day grind of startup life obviously prioritizes the company over the professional development of the employees, integrating leadership development into your startups culture is an investment that pays off greatly in the end. 

We asked three successful startup founders what their best advice was for incorporating leadership development into their company culture, here’s what they had to say.

1. Physical Team Building

I like doing physical team building exercises outside and inside of the office quarterly. It allows each member to develop new skills on an even playing field. Confidence is important to leadership development.  Spending individual time with each employee to find out their personal goals and how we can help them on their path at our company.

Jonny Videl, Callsheet Operator

2. Lead By Example

Lead by example and give people who are hungry to prove themselves real responsibility. Give credit where credit is due but make it clear that people will be held accountable.

Cameron Mclain, ChallengeMe

3. Sponsor Employee Training

ExactDrive is very active is continued education, training and independent research. We are constantly sharing leadership stories, reading and discussing leadership concepts and strategies and attending various leadership events such as webinars, seminars and workshops. All of found to generate very positive results throughout our core leadership team.

Tim Nichols, ExactDrive