Rocketclub offers app users shares in the new startup apps they engage with, leading to the chance of real monetary returns for their time.

One of the biggest problems startups face is overcoming the “chicken and egg” hurdle. Startups can’t get users without word-of-mouth buzz and social proof, but they can’t get buzz and social proof without users. Furthermore, feedback from early adopters is essential for refining the product, which will in turn attract more users, as well as investors and press.

Rocketclub offers a win-win solution for startup founders and their loyal contributors. With Rocketclub, new startups are offered the chance to engage with a community who will use, promote, and offer feedback on their product. The app users on the other hand gain the opportunity to learn about cool new startups and are rewarded with shares for their time and contributions.

Early adopters traditionally have had few incentives to spend their time interacting with new (and potentially flawed) apps, much less taking the time to provide thoughtful feedback for developers. Rocketclub wants to change this.

There are now 7 live companies on the Rocketclub platform: Spottly, a photo-based travel guide companion app; Banter!, a real-time occupancy app for nightlife; and Noble Brewer, a community network designed for craft beer connoisseurs.

All offer equity to early users in exchange for a few simple tasks that support the companies and spread the word. For example, Noble Brewer offers the first 500 approved members a share of 1.0% if within 3 months they successfully subscribe to a membership, post reviews of beers on the website, complete 2 feedback surveys and refer the network to 5 friends.

The Co-founders Erik Chan and Paul Chen stress that they built the platform to help startups build a community of engaged users and customers. Their mission is to help startups succeed through accelerating them towards product-market fit, and believe in a future where we all have a stake in the products we use and love.

“We want to connect these cool companies with supporters who similarly love the idea,” said CEO and Co-founder of Rocketclub, Erik Chan. “Who wouldn’t want to contribute and become a part of what could be the next TripAdvisor or Blue Bottle?”