A location and activity-based app seeks to bring users together through their present and future plans, adding a whole new dimension to their social networking experiences.

“The market is becoming increasingly geared towards the mobile section of connectivity, and users want innovative platforms that will give them options to do things now, to connect now, and to be able to plan,” says Socialeyes CEO and founder, John Kagit.

With this style of connectivity in mind, Socialeyes connects users in fun and spontaneous ways by offering a number of options. Users can choose to be notified when a friend is nearby, if they are feeling in a good or bad mood, and if they are up for a coffee or to party.

As mobile phone usage to access social networking services continues to grow exponentially, more users are seeking out newer and better ways of connecting with their friends to share their experiences.

“This is where Socialeyes can make a difference as it combines a location-driven socializing platform with real-time notifications, allowing users to look more at future possibilities rather than past experiences,” says Kagit.

The Socialeyes app, which allows users to sync their existing social circles, looks break down the parameters set by older platforms and maximize the user experience by providing the current information on events that they are looking for.

Keep in touch with your friends and feel the local vibe wherever you are. See who is around. Share your mood with others so that you can get together over coffee, sports activity, dinner, etc.

“There is a certain spontaneity to life that no social media application can capture, and that is the gap that Socialeyes looks to close.”