A platform that combines financial academic models and equity trading to provide insight into the future direction of the stock price.

Quantified Alpha has created an algorithmic stock market analysis tool that provides its users with reliable investment insights. The platform is one of a kind in the sense that all algorithmic models come from verified academic research about equity trading. The company provides unprecedented transparency into the way their investment models are built, which serves to educate clients, assure them of data-driven objectivity, and facilitate sound investments.

“Unlike other websites that just provide data- our aim is to provide insight into what the data implies about the future direction of the stock price,” said CEO and Quantified Alpha Founder, Andrew Young.

The platform analyzes over 3,000 U.S. equities in real-time and is built to capitalize on a range of academically proven anomalies in the market. The anomalies taken into account are seasonality, value, momentum, ‘smart money’ sentiment, earnings, and economy.

“We hope to drive change, and enable individual investors to leverage financial academia models without having to pay upwards of $2,000 to Bloomberg Business Intelligence, or going through a managed fund. We really think this will be an excellent and reliable resource for independent retail investors,” added Young.

Quantified Alpha is a response to a recent trend in which retail investors turn their backs on managed funds. Investors are taking note that managed mutual funds tend to underperform in the market, and to add insult to injury, fund managers often charge investors high fees for their service. For this reason, more investors are moving towards do-it-yourself and algorithmic

“Launching Quantified Alpha has been an exhilarating experience. Now we hope to pass on some of our enthusiasm to our clients as they move from their managed mutual funds and begin to experiment with self-managed investments. We truly believe that they will come to see our platform as an invaluable investment tool,” concluded Young.