SecSign Technologies new US-patented, advanced cryptography and next-generation authentication portal is designed to store and protect sensitive company information.

The SecSign Portal is an on-premise, cloud-based file storage, sharing and messaging system.

It provides companies with unhackable logins and a private storage vault immune to 99% of all hacking attempts – including phishing, malware, man-in-the-middle attacks, SQL injection, SIM card cloning, phone number porting, and the hacking of the master key from the token provider’s server.

Whereas most cloud-based file storage services use a two-step verification system based on passwords and one time codes SecSign Portal offers businesses a far more secure solution. In order to enter SecSign’s system, users must authenticate their identities via a mobile device using a fingerprint scan and/or a PIN, confirming the possession of a physical key. This two-factor authentication guarantees that credentials, usernames and passwords are never passed or stored from the device to the server and, as a result, no data can be stolen during the login process or transmission to a server.

“The SecSign Portal offers a completely confidential solution to enterprises, providing top-level security for user access and continuously encrypting all stored files, data, and messages,” said Falk Goossens, Chief Executive Officer of SecSign Technologies.

In addition, all data in the portal is protected by AES-256 level encryption, and maintains encryption at all times, including during messaging, download, transfer, and sharing. Access is only given to authorized users. On top of this, access keys are safeguarded by a mechanism that can only be accessed with the simultaneous approval of three authorized administrators.

“The level of protection offered far surpasses anything previously available – offering complete peace of mind for CTOs, with layers of security that go well beyond that which most other file storage and sharing services currently provide,” added Goossens.

The on-premise solution enables any enterprise to license the technology in order to house “White Label” to the SecSign Portal, as well as the SecSign ID on its own systems architecture and behind its own firewalls, without having to worry about the security of external, overseas storage solutions, to achieve maximum level of regulation and risk compliance.