Software project visualization has become inextricably linked in the minds of software engineers with now largely obsolete methods of creating software.

The practice of creating pictures from software source code has mostly been abandoned by practitioners because the tools were too slow, awkward to use and the results provided little clarification.

AgileJ Ltd, creators of AgileJ StructureViews, an app used by programmers to turn their projects into architectural diagrams, have announced the release of a major upgrade to their product offering.

The company is hoping that this version will prompt software developers to think again about the benefits of visualizing software projects.

They claim the downward trend has now been reversed and all Java programmers using the Eclipse integrated development environment can reap significant gains in quality and productivity by browsing pictures of their work.

“Version 1.8.0 of AgileJ StructureViews puts powerful software project visualization into the hands of millions of Java programmers who find themselves wrestling to gain familiarity with inherited projects in various states of maturity,” said Paul Wells, founder at AgileJ Ltd in the UK.

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