To meet the growing demand for economical and high quality products provided readily and reliably from online-based retailers, a DIY hair salon has stepped-up to provide a revolutionary personalized service.

Together with a team of professionals, headed by Paris-trained Estelle Baumhauer and celebrity colorist AJ Lordet, eSalon seeks to combine expert knowledge with affordability. At $19.95 per unit, the tailored hair color is a fraction of the $80+ charged by traditional salons.

“The worldwide online-retail market is growing every day and it is only going to get bigger. Our brand, and the professional service that we provide, assures our customers that they are not only getting the correct product, but also great value for money,” explains co-founder Omar Mourad.

“What the online market sometimes lacks with particular products is the complete trust of the customer. Hair, for the individual, is delicate topic, but eSalon has already established itself as a credible and reliable provider of coloring products in the online beauty sector,” adds co-founder Cory Rosenberg.

As the online-retail sector becomes more diversified and advanced, web shoppers are increasingly seeking out the direct connection to websites, and platforms, providing them with high quality items at a fraction of the cost.

In addition to being cost effective and having more than 1 million hair color choices, the process conducted entirely online is quick and simple. The sleek eSalon website directs its clients through a series of short questions where they select their natural hair type, styling history, and the color they want it to be. After the questionnaire is submitted, eSalon pairs the customer with a professional colorist, who analyses what mix would be the best  — and healthiest — for the customer’s hair. The unique formula is then individually crafted and delivered to the customer’s door along with application instructions for a mere $19.95.

The intersection between technology and beauty has never been done with as much style as with eSalon’s web-based platform, providing customers with the perfect hair color, custom blended and bottled for their individual desires and requirements. With its new milestone, the company based in Culver City will take its business model one step further and ensure the best results for its customers at a fraction of the cost charged by hair salons.

Now more than ever, potential customers are looking for economical and high quality products provided readily and reliably from online-based retailers. It is this growing demand that eSalon looks to satisfy with its revolutionary personalized service.

“Our user-friendly platform gives the customers a needed sense of trust due to our thorough and analytical process. Combined with our renowned colorists, who take care of their individual clients from the start and into the future as client’s tastes and needs change, we look to continue being at the forefront of the online beauty market,” says co-founder Tamim Mourad.