With NoonWear, working by the pool, at the beach, or in the park on a summer’s day is no longer just a dream – it’s a reality.

Who hasn’t been stuck at their desk wishing they could escape outside? NoonWear is overcoming this problem with its new sunglasses that help owners of LCD screens, like laptops and tablets, use their devices outdoors.

As anyone who has ever tried to use a computer outside will know, glare from the sun can drastically reduce screen visibility. Unfortunately, traditional sunglasses tend to be too dark to view work. That’s where NoonWear sunglasses come in. The company uses innovative technology to create sunglasses that provide clear vision and simultaneously protect wearers’ eyes from damaging ultra violet (UV) rays.

“When viewing a compatible electronic display, our sunglasses enable you to see clearly, without significant darkening of the display,” said NoonWork Co-founder Michael Harradon. “And even when not viewing a display, the NoonWear Ones can still work like traditional sunglasses.”

The frames for NoonWear come in a classic, unisex, style. NoonWear is leading the way in this virtually untapped market. “We’ve seen other technology apparel companies falter in developing sunglasses for electronics because they compromise on both aesthetics and technology. The research and design of the NoonWear Ones represents a giant leap past the competition” added Harradon.

“NoonWear sunglasses provide traditional sunglass light protection and UV ray blocking, but they also let you see your laptop,” added Charles Barr, Co-founder of NoonWear. “We want to bring the LCD generation outdoors and let people use their electronic devices while in the sun.”

The company launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the manufacturing of its NoonWear One sunglasses. These shades come in two versions: one for phone or tablet screens and one for laptops. They are precision built to the particular characteristics of a NoonWear owner’s device.