New photo app, Slide, is expanding the way that images can be shared and whom they can be shared with by using iBeacon Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Slide’s first-to-market use of iBeacon for social discovery enables people who might have just met to be able to interact with each other,” said Slide Co-Founder Jesse Molina. Molina comes from a strong pedigree of app innovators and is the younger brother of Joe Munoz, Co-founder of seminal dating app Tinder.

Bluetooth Low Energy beacons are a new and emerging force in the mobile app market, a force that Slide is melding with the incredible popularity of photo sharing apps. Photo sharing app users exchange some 1.8 billion photos each day and, unlike rival apps Instagram and Snapchat, Slide will capitalize on the billions of devices that will be capable of iBeacon technology by 2019.

Slide users can snap a quick image and then decide to slide the photo either up to share with anyone within close vicinity, or down to delete. Users also have the option to send photos that can be viewed only once. In these cases, the photos are received with a frosted over effect.

In that sense, Slide’s functionality is unlike any other photo sharing app on the market. Where other apps rely on an invitation-and-accept mechanism, Slide uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to share images with other app users in the immediate area. Photos can be shared with anyone using Slide within a distance of up to 200 feet without needing to ‘friend’ or ‘follow’ other users.

Slide is further unique in enabling its users to unlock their phones’ potential as a beacon for social discovery. By regularly sharing photos in the same area, Slide lets users form meaningful connections with people who share similar interests and passions. It leverages the popularity of photo sharing to help people form new friendships.

Inspired by the idea that connecting people in the here and now allows for everyone around you to become an immediate friend, Slide functions as a means for people in the same location to easily interact with each other.

“Slide is about enhancing the experience of being together,” Molina added. “Too often social media can take us away from the opportunity to interact with people in the same room. With Slide, friends can share pictures with everyone around them and engage in real life conversations around those pictures.”