More people will now be able to access the streaming music they want, thanks to an embeddable playlist from a y-combinator company.

“This is the closest anyone has come to a universal experience for music,” says CEO Shehzad Daredia. “ has already changed what it’s like to consume music online.” is a music aggregator that compiles offerings from all the major music services, allowing users to stream, watch or buy any song online, regardless of their country, device, or music service. automatically searches music services like Spotify, Rdio, SoundCloud, YouTube, Deezer, Beats Music, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play, taking user-service arrangements into account to generate a single stream and single purchase link guaranteed to work.

There are upsides for artists too:

“We decided to market Christina Perri’s new “Human” remix EP using because Christina has such a large international audience that consumes music on several different platforms. By sharing Bop links on our Facebook and Twitter pages, fans were able to seamlessly and immediately hear the songs via their preferred service. In this digital age, insight and analytics allow us to gain a deeper understanding of our audience and Bop was kind enough to share a rather detailed report that tracked each of our posts,” says Ryan Chisholm, Christina Perri’s manager.