The elderly might not be the most tech-savvy members of society, but they can still participate with the right technology. In fact, earlier this year, news broke that Google is contemplating opportunities surrounding seniors who want to age independently, through the use of technology. What’s more, the company’s CTO, Yoky Matsuoka, is expected to speak at the largest senior housing conference in the fall.

And Google is not the only company eyeing up this space. FamilyAssets recently announced it has raised $1.3M to launch the FamilyAssets Occupancy Platform, which delivers occupancy solutions to senior living owners and operators. The Platform utilizes data and technology to strengthen connections between leading senior living communities and digitally savvy prospects.  

Digital adoption is increasing among older Americans and caregivers. As communities serve younger generational cohorts, senior living research increasingly occurs online. This increased activity creates data trails that can be turned into insights, and presents new opportunities for engagement that differentiate a community from less sophisticated competitors.

The FamilyAssets Occupancy Platform offers a suite of data and technology tools to identify and engage with high quality prospects earlier in their buying process. Unlike existing lead solutions, FamilyAssets does not charge for move ins or sell leads. FamilyAssets works with communities to help them differentiate their brand online and improve their customer acquisition funnel. The platform’s technology tools such as online scheduling, prospect nurturing, and review gathering create a high quality experience for families, which increases conversion rates of online traffic.  

“We’re thrilled to secure this funding to launch the FamilyAssets platform,” says Wes Fuller, CEO and Founder at FamilyAssets, “The insights and tools offered by our platform help senior living professionals create stronger connections with prospects and their families. Using data to help prospects and senior living communities better understand each other will lead to better outcomes for families, and better occupancy for communities.”

While it might be painful to watch our grandparents attempt to operate some forms of technology, there is still plenty of opportunities for them to get involved. All that is needed it the right energy, patience and the innovation of bright companies like these.