Mobile data services reseller DataXoom has announced the expansion of its established AT&T Partner Exchange relationship by adding leading video communications provider Pristine to its ecosystem.

This move will bring businesses using new wearable technology unparalleled connectivity, reliability, bandwidth and security.

DataXoom offers mobile data connectivity specifically designed for businesses. The company offers contract-free, customized data solutions used to connect businesses to the mobile Internet, and has established relationships with leading mobile operators in the U.S.

DataXoom’s partnership with Pristine provides Pristine and its enterprise customers with high-bandwidth, multi-carrier connectivity, which is critical for companies that require teams to reliably collaborate and communicate through mobile and wearable tech.

“DataXoom has transformed the way in which Pristine and other businesses view mobile Internet connectivity.  Access to 4G/LTE services provides critical connectivity for Pristine’s wearable technology, and by extension, to our business customers utilizing wearables every day in the field,” said Pristine’s Cofounder and CEO, Kyle Samani. “By partnering up with DataXoom, we can ensure that our customers have the support and coverage they need in order to access our technology anytime, anywhere.”

“DataXoom joined the AT&T Partner Exchange program in early 2014 to bundle our mobile services – such as our pooled data plans – with its own solutions and expertise to meet its business customers’ current and future needs,” said Randall Porter, vice president of business development, AT&T Partner Solutions. “As one of our top mobile services resellers in AT&T Partner Exchange, DataXoom provides its end users with access to the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE network with the strongest 4G LTE signal, enabling customers like Pristine to keep its people, processes and assets connected.”

The market for wearable technology is taking off with an expected global market value of $19 billion in 2018 according to Statista, and businesses are at the forefront of using wearables to transform how they operate.  According to PriceWaterhouseCoopers, companies can improve the productivity and safety of workers performing repetitive or dangerous tasks with tailor-made wearable solutions.

“DataXoom’s approach to wireless connectivity has uniquely positioned us in the marketplace”, said DataXoom’s Vice President of Business Development, Kelley Carr.  “Others serving the growing Internet of Things (IoT) space provide bits and bytes. DataXoom is offering gigabytes. This type of connectivity allows companies to easily roll out wearables and other high-consumption data devices or applications to contractors, sales reps and technicians – without having to worry about the speed or reliability of the connection.”

In addition, the collaboration between DataXoom, Pristine and AT&T Partner Exchange enhances the value customers receive from Pristine’s unique EyeSight video software. EyeSight allows companies to “beam” their expertise to members in the field or other business locations.  The secure, “see what I see” video solution enables subject matter experts back at the office to collaborate with remote workers, helping increase the efficiency and effectiveness of teams in the field. EyeSight has already been used in businesses across the manufacturing, aviation and healthcare industries. EyeSight is supported on any platform, including Google Glass, tablets and smartphones.