Venice, California-based startup has announced the beta launch of its integrated car pickup and repair service for clients in West Los Angeles.

The service’s mission is to solve auto and servicing needs with the push of a button, so customers can conveniently get their car repaired without leaving the house.

CarLove’s limits the frustrations a driver experiences when they suffer the inevitable inconvenience of having to fix their car. One of the biggest problems CarLove identifies is getting to and from the garage—and the company’s system intends to avoid this issue altogether.

A CarLove driver is then dispatched and will take the car to the garage of the customer’s choice. And for added security, users are covered with the company’s $1 million insurance policy when a CarLove driver is driving their vehicle. After an inspection, the client receives a diagnosis and a no-obligation quote, and if the work is approved, the client is charged via their credit card, after which the car is returned to the customer. This all happens without the customer having to leave their house or office.

Convenience is a buzzword for many companies, and customers are capitalizing on the trend. Consumers are able to find a driver with Uber, get their shopping delivered to their door with Instacart, and now CarLove is entering the auto repair market with their new service.

“CarLove is a new model for an old service. Of course, some luxury dealerships offer car pick up, but the drawback with their services is that the customer also pays luxury labor rates,” says CarLove CEO, Mike Buchko.

“We avoid this by partnering with local mechanics. For example, you can order a repair from one mechanic, a few months later order new tires from another, and have a dent removed from a third shop. All of this can be accomplished without ever needing to sit in a waiting room again, and you get the best price in town for each service,” he continues.

CarLove was conceived when Mike Buchko’s car needed repairs. The inconvenience and stress of what should have been an easy fix flagged up the deeper issue that there was not yet a convenient solution that can solve all of your auto maintenance needs on the market.

“My experience with car maintenance was in no way unique, so my hope is that CarLove can help drivers find an economical, stress-free way of dealing with a problem we all have to face,” adds Buchko.