Chronicles of Earth is the first app to enable adventurous travelers to capture their experiences in evocative storytelling and to share these stories with anyone on any device or social media site through a network focused specifically on travelers and tourism.

Given its competitive edge in the travel market,  it has recently received a $25,000 investment from Travel Startups Incubator.

“Chronicles of Earth is a new way for travelers to share their stories and learn about the world,” said Chronicles of Earth CEO and Founder of Uber-acquired deCarta, Bill Schwegler. “It’s a network for real travelers and real stories. Our mobile app differentiates itself through trust; Chroniclers will be able to follow people on their journeys, building relationships and rapport – instead of having to rely on the advice and opinions of strangers, which is the case for most other travel review websites.”

The mobile app functions as a social network for travelers on which they can define themselves by the trips they take and the stories they share. Stories are told with Chronicles, which are journals of multimedia vignettes located on a map and positioned in time. The mobile app allows users to add photos, video, audio annotations and text to each Vignette (or chapter) to build a complete picture of their experiences.

Travelers looking for adventure and inspiration will be able to search for their next trip by keyword, location, area of interest, and Chronicle author. Additionally, users can take their journeys offline; saving their Chronicles as travel journals or albums in PDF format that is ready for printing as a soft or hardback book.

“Bill and his team are proven Silicon Valley entrepreneurs that are working on a big idea to help travelers share their adventures and travel stories in a new and extraordinary digital experience. As travelers who are always connected we are looking for expressive ways to not only preserve our memories but to share our amazing experiences with friends, family and like-minded travelers. Chronicles of Earth will help enrich our lives. We are very pleased to have them be a part of Travel Startups Incubator,” said Matt Zito, Managing Partner at Travel Startups Incubator.