An app that recently raised a cool $250K in funding from a pioneer of the early internet is bringing group decision making to the chat market.

VoteChat is a group messaging platform where ideas (or messages) are exchanged by friends and then voted on by the group. The platform is designed for someone who wants to quickly get feedback on potential ideas or plans for the group in a timely fashion. All winning ideas will be logged so that members can see what has been decided when returning to the app.

“What we’ve done is identify a basic context where competition is inherently useful and apply a very basic construct that makes it functional and appealing. None of it is for show, nothing is gimmicky,” says Votechat Co-Founder Stewart Alsopp.

“We’ve all been in situations where we’re debating things among our friends, trying to figure out what to do on a Saturday night, or where to go for lunch, or whatever. Now there’s an easy, logical system for figuring that out. Voting just makes sense.”

Steve Vachani, who recently invested $250k in Votechat, was one of the internet’s early pioneers, co-founding Qool and Freelotto — at their peaks, the 11th largest internet brand in the world in terms of global reach and users and the third largest auction site on the Internet, respectively. Since then, he has been involved in fostering Brazil’s now burgeoning tech growth, and developed various web concepts later adopted by Apple and Facebook. As an investor, Vachani was also instrumental in developing four fully branded web companies with combined revenues of over $500 million and collective valuation of over $1.5 billion.