As the first of its kind in the travel tech sphere, TSI fills the gap between investment networks and traveling tech entrepreneurs aiming to raise seed funding an unprecedented level of exposure for the nomadic tech startup. 

Travel Startups Incubator (TSI) has announced the launch of its Travel Technology Investment Platform, a dynamic digital hub for travel tech startups to connect directly with prospective investors. “This is a solution to a problem that was desperately needed in the digital travel industry,” said Travel Startups Incubator Founder Matt Zito.

The platform connects entrepreneurs with TSI’s own growing network of “Innovation Partners” — enterprise-level travel companies seeking business development deals for their APIs and services, and travel companies looking to acquire or license new technology from the incubator’s startups.

“Apart from creating an entirely new playing field for startups to easily showcase their ideas and technology, the Travel Technology Investment Platform gives our startups more exposure and access to accredited investors who are specifically interested in travel tech, and exclusive access to TSI’s Innovation Partners and Strategic Alliances, such as Skyscanner and Amadeus, to raise funds and get their projects off the ground,” added Zito. 

“We compete against some of the largest tech incubators in the world, but our virtual structure allows us to provide incredible value through niche expertise and lower overhead costs during incubation processes,” added Zito. “We believe that the next phase of startup investment and incubation will be within niche verticals that are 100% virtual. TSI’s new Investment Platform is the next step to that evolution.”

Current TSI startups, including Proxce, Flitways, Adventure Bucket List, and Tutton, are looking to close series-seed rounds between $500K-$1.2M, while TSI is raising $2M to build its team and invest in 35 more travel tech startups. Instead of having to manage and send investment decks, product presentations and company financials via email, these startups can now display their vital information for investors using one centralized platform.

TSI aims to be the leading global incubator investing exclusively in travel technology companies, complementing its new web-based platform with its existing investor network — one of the largest in the industry.